Our Services

Whether it is an upgrade or a repair or a 'New Build' project, our skilled teams and dedicated project managers are ready to get the job done on time and on budget.

We are an integrated marine company with a strong focus in ship repair, shipbuilding and marine related services, serving customers from Indonesia and South-East Asia. Over the past 8 years, the company has developed into a market leading position of repairing medium size vessels and building tugboats & barges.  Protected in the Banten Bay from seasonal monsoonal winds, waves & currents, the shipyard is well positioned to serve the busy shipping lines of the major Indonesian cities & industrial centres such as Surabaya and Medan.

Ship Repair

We offer reliable services with quick turnaround for all types of repair work.  We thrive on the challenging and demanding nature of ship repair projects and being responsive are among our team values.  We are able to take on a wide range of repair jobs, both afloat and dry docked, for small and medium-sized vessels.  Over the years, we have built up a creditable track record in performing repair works on tankers, cargo & container vessels, cement terminal barge, passenger vessels, RORO vessels, tug boats, accommodation barges, self propelled/hopper/self discharge/floating crane/tank barges, dredgers, fishing vessels and landing crafts.  In 2012, we repaired over 200 vessels.

Ship Building

The ship building division is a major part of the SMI operations.  Some 20% (55,000m2) of the shipyard area are bonded and dedicated to the construction of new build vessels.  Our capabilities and capacity are continually upgraded and in 2013, we have planned to deliver over 20 vessels.  Our track record included accommodation barges, CPO barges, Self propelled barges and tug boats.

With the expected completion of Phase 2 graving docks in Q4 2013 which will more than double the shipyard’s capacity,  SMI will further strengthen its current ship building and ship repair capabilities.