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About Us

PT SMI is an integrated marine company with a strong focus in ship repair, shipbuilding and marine related services, serving customers from Indonesia and South-East Asia. Over the past 8 years, the company has developed into a market leading position of repairing medium size vessels and building tugboats, barges & tankers. The shipyard is located strategically at Bojonegara, Serang some 80 km West of Jakarta. Protected in the Banten Bay from seasonal monsoonal winds, waves & currents, the shipyard is well positioned to serve the busy shipping lines of the major Indonesian cities & industrial centres. (ie. Surabaya, Medan, Kalimantan & Pasir Gudang).

Vision & Mission

The preferred and trusted ship building, ship repair and docking service provider meeting customer needs and compliant with required international standards.


  • No lost time injury with every project
  • Provide high quality and professional service
  • Be reliable and on schedule to agreed plan
  • Be efficient & effective in order to provide the most competitive offer
  • Train staff continually to upgrade skills and improve productivity
  • Help raise the standards of living of surrounding communities
History & Milestone
  • Miles Stones - The company was first established in 2005

Values & Philosophy
  • Safety First is Safety Always
  • Discipline in Execution
  • Hemat - Reduce Waste
  • Tepat Waktu - On Time & Minimise Variability
Board of Directors

Coming Soon.